From a (poor) runner to all other runners

Hello and thank you for your interest in us and our products!

I'm Michele, I've been running for several years and fully fall into the "tapascioni" category.

I started slowly from the half marathons and quickly climbed up to the ultra marathons.

I am well aware of all the problems that can grip a runner, both on the road and on dirt roads, paths and mountains.

Especially for those who spend many hours on their feet.

The funny thing about us runners is that we spend hundreds of euros on ultra-technological shoes and technical clothing...

And we spend very little on socks, which are a fundamental element

I've shared the same common problems many runners experience, such as blisters, slippery socks, or too-tight socks that restrict blood circulation.

That's why I decided to create a line of running socks that solves these problems.

I am thrilled to share this journey with you and to continue developing products that enhance your running experience.

The most boring things can be found below 😉

Ortles Run is proposed by:

Infinite Looper OÜ
Parda TN 8
Tallin - 10151

You can contact us:

- By chat Facebook CLICCANDO QUI

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