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Ortles Breeze - High Socks 5 Fingers...
Ortles Breeze - High Socks 5 Fingers...
Ortles Breeze - High Socks 5 Fingers...
Ortles Breeze - High Socks 5 Fingers...
Ortles Breeze - High Socks 5 Fingers...
Ortles Breeze - High Socks 5 Fingers...
Ortles Breeze - High Socks 5 Fingers...

Ortles Breeze - High Socks 5 Fingers - V2

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High five-finger socks created to stay with you during your long walks, trekking, road runs or trail running - Color light blue and pink - Version 2

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  • Avoid blisters or chafing between your toes in your long workouts or races
  • Reinforced fabric in key areas to protect ankle, toes and nails
  • Shock absorption and impact protection thanks to the thicker sole fabric
  • Thick top cuff for stability
  • Mid-length unisex socks (height: 18cm) for all weather conditions
  • Polyester socks for maximum breathability, durability, quick drying and moisture wicking ability


Avoid blisters and chafing

The socks are made of Polyester and Spandex, a material that wicks sweat away instead of absorbing it.

This means feet that are always dry and therefore less chafing.

Since the toes are all divided, they will not create friction, protecting them from possible abrasions.

Natural support

We are not used to support and a natural sensation but after a short period of adaptation you will no longer be able to do without it!

The toes not being compressed will find their place in the shoe going to occupy all the space for a significant improvement in comfort.

Tested for Trail Running

We tested these socks on dozens of outings, with several hours spent on the trails.

We have therefore specialized in running socks, but above all for mountain running.

If you are looking for a sock that will accompany you on your outings, both short and long, this is the product for you.


We created the socks with a focus on trail running, but we've used them across the board:

  • Long walks
  • Road racing
  • Trekking
  • Gym
  • Watching TV on the couch :)

You can then enjoy the comfort of five fingers whatever you want to do.


Thanks to our numerous tests with athletes and above all thanks to the feedback from you customers, we have made a slight modification to the toes of the socks.

Now they are a few millimeters larger and this brings a great advantage:


The greater space for the toes reduces compression during movement, this makes the seams relax making the socks even more durable over time!


We know that feet are all different, but if the space in the toes is less this leads to having an uncomfortable sock if worn for many hours.

With this version even those with slightly larger fingers will find the comfort they are looking for.


With the next lines we will conform to only have VERSION 2 in the catalogue.
Apart from this small change the rest of the socks are the same.

Preventing blisters while running, especially during competitions or training sessions that last several hours, is essential for maintaining foot health and enjoying your run.

That's why our five-toe socks are the perfect choice for anyone looking to run comfortably and with peace of mind. These socks help avoid blisters and reduce rubbing between the toes.

Do you want to improve your running performance and feel more comfortable during training? Then our five-toe running socks are the perfect solution for you!

The five-toe running socks are designed to offer enhanced flexibility and stability, improving foot mechanics and posture while running. By separating the toes, they also reduce perspiration and bacterial growth, ensuring your feet stay drier and fresher during long runs.

Moreover, our five-toe socks for running are made from high-quality materials, including breathable and cushioning fabrics, to ensure maximum comfort and durability.

Purchase our five-toe running socks now and experience the difference they can make to your performance. With a wide range of styles and colors available, you’re sure to find the perfect pair for you. Don't wait—order now and elevate your running experience with five-toe socks!

Who are they for?

Our five-toe socks are specifically designed for runners who tackle long distances on trails and rough terrain.

We have tested the socks on technical high-mountain terrains, dirt paths, and asphalt.

You can still use the socks for any type of activity and benefit from the ample freedom they provide to your toes, such as:
- Trekking
- Road running
-Gym workouts

How long they last?

We have tested the socks for over 200 hours on challenging terrains and trails.

Their exceptional durability has been proven by their ability to withstand the most extreme conditions without damage.

Reliable and long-lasting, these socks have been designed to provide enduring comfort and protection, making them the ideal choice for adventurers seeking the most from their gear.

Face any challenge without worrying about your socks.

How do I choose the size?

Here are the specs:

- Size S: EU 35-40
- Size M: EU 40.5-44
- Size L: EU 44.5-47

If your size is close to the upper limit of a range, order one size up to improve comfort and fit.

Example: If you wear size 40, order size M.

What material are they made of?

The socks are made with a composition of:
85% Polyester
15% Spandex

We have tested these materials as they have proven to be the best for breathability and durability over time.

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